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TensioMed Ltd. was founded in 1999 in Hungary. Our Company is specialized in the research, development and production of advanced medical devices. Thanks to its innovations TensioMed became an acknowledged representative on the national and international medical market and scientific life alike. Our blood pressure measurement based product portfolio covers the whole range of hypertension management and the diagnostics of atherosclerosis with clinically validated and accepted technologies.


TensioMed is more than a standard manufacturer of medical equipment. As a result of our research and development projects, our patented and marketed technology ARTERIOGRAPH is now considered to be the GOLD STANDARD of the oscillometric arterial stiffness measurement methods. This is the one and only existing technology that involves a decade of knowledge and clinical experience enabling the management of cardiovascular screening on large population within the primary care settings.
TensioMed ARTERIOGRAPH "The Gold Standard Technology"


Based on the results of our survival study – including the data of more than 4000 patients of more than 5 years – the specific parameters measured by Arteriograph – Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV), Augmentation Index (Aix), the Central systolic Blood Pressure (SBPao) – are in strong correlation with cardiovascular diseases, heart attack, stroke or sudden cardiac death.


Being the inventors of this revolutionary technology, having incomparable knowledge, we can ensure that the device provided by TensioMed is of high quality and excellent accuracy. No wonder our measurement technology was admired and thus copied by others. But only our device, ARTERIOGRAPH has got the invasive validation and participated in several comparative studies. In addition to that it is light-weighted, fast, user-independent, trustworthy and non-invasive – the measurement is completely painless. The method is invasively validated, capable of the early diagnosis of atherosclerosis deriving from the stiffening of the arteries and the tones of arterioles.


Our dedication in order to improve the quality of health care:
  • The spread of our new, innovative devices contributes to health-consciousness of people in order to take part more actively in their own healthcare
  • Our services help patients to play active roles in their own healthcare, enabling  high blood pressure to be easily and effectively controlled

Quality and reliability

TensioMed Kft. is dedicated to high-standards of quality for the devices and services alike. Our products comply with the highest quality standards:
  • British Hypertension Society (A/A) highest grade
  • ISO 9001 standards of quality management system
  • ISO 13485 standards of quality management system

TensioMed Kft.
Kétújfalu str. 163 1103-Budapest, Hungary  Tel: (+36)-1-433-1700 Fax: (+36)-1-433-1709
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