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TensioMed TensioDay ABPM

TensioDay ABPM is clinically validated according to the standards of the British Hypertension Society and the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation. A Compact, reliable, lightweight ABPM device with Bluetooth technology. With its easy-to-use software featuring comprehensive statistics, TensioDay provides a powerful tool in Hypertension management.

TensioDay 24 órás vérnyomásmérő monitor - ABPM

Features & Benefits

  • Wireless communication - easier and more comfortable use, which makes doctors’ life easier
  • Premium quality - BHS & AAMI clinical validation: Highest grade (A/A)
  • Easy-to-use - programmable either from PC  or device
  • Affordable - high value for affordable price
  • Quiet and convenient - smooth operation and high comfort level helps patient compliance
  • 2 years warranty for the device 12 months for the accessories
  • Programmable up to 72 hours
  • Storage capacity of 1000 measurements

TensioWin Software
  • Creates a monitoring plan tailored to an individual patient
  • Generate full clinical reports:
    • with blood pressure readings
    • heart rate
    • mean arterial pressure
    • a trend of BP values vs. time
    • high quality graphical interpretations
    • cardiovascular risk factor analysis
  • Sends reports via e-mail in .pdf format
  • Provides statistical summaries and correlations on the measured data
  • Available for Windows XP/Vista/7

Complete with accessories and warranty

TensioDay ABPM comes complete with:
  • a standard and an alternative  adult size cuff
  • TensioWin software and software guide on CD
  • a carrying pouch with belt
  • User’s Manual
  • 4  alkaline batteries
  • Tape measure
  • Bluetooth adapter

Warranty of 2 years for the device and 12 months to all accessories

User's manual (PDF)
TensioMed TensioDay

TensioMed TensioDay

TensioMed Kft.
Kétújfalu str. 163 1103-Budapest, Hungary  Tel: (+36)-1-433-1700 Fax: (+36)-1-433-1709
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