The Clinical Usage of Arteriograph

The Clinical Usage of Arteriograph

Arteriograph is primarily designed to benefit patients by accurate and comprehensive measurement of essential parameters about central Homo-dynamics to help health care providers in several clinical approaches such as cardiology, nephrology, hypertension, diabetes, obstetrics, gynaecology, paediatrics, anaesthesiology and sport medicine.

Clinical value of the Arteriograph has been proven through more than 250 highly impacted scientific publications which make Arteriograph applicable not only in daily examinations routines but also as a priceless data base for running solid studies and leading valuable research.

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“The Arteriograph measured parameters are accurate compared to invasively measured counterparts”

Journal of Hypertension 2010, 28: 2068–2075


“Reproducibility and variability (repeatability) of aortic PWV measured with Arteriograph are better than the applanation tonometric or piezoelectric method.”

Journal of Hypertension 2008, 26: 523–528