TensioMed Devices

Arteriograph, Arteriograpg 24, TensioDay Plus (ABPM)

The technology behind Arteriograph is based on basic physiological facts combined with complicated well engineered hardware and software which calculates essential cardiovascular features such as Arterial Stiffness, endothelial function and Central Blood Pressure. The device is applied non-invasively with minimal intervention. This characteristic makes Arteriograph unique among other devices available in the market.

Based on the same logic, Arteriograph 24 has been invented. This device is designed for 24h monitoring of mentioned parameters preferred in research, intensive care and some other areas.

Knowing the fact that circadian rhythm has a significant effect on parameters calculated by Arteriograph, recording the data throughout the day makes the evaluation even more extensive.

Moreover, TensioDay Plus as an Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring device facilitates not only accurate measurement of classical brachial blood pressure but also the essential central parameters such as Central Systolic Blood Pressure (SBPao).


All devices and accessories are delivered in an elegant aluminium case

  • Cuffs in 3 different sizes: S, M, L
  • Software on CD and USB drive
  • Windows 10 laptop and pouch
  • Bluetooth adaptor
  • Protective pouch
  • Four AA size batteries
  • Tape measure