Arteriograph , Arteriográf

To begin with, the accuracy of Arteriograph is validated invasively & it is the first patented method (US Pat. No. 20070106162) for oscillometric measurement and determination of fundamental central hemodynamic parameters (SBPao, AIXao, PWV), based on a simple upper arm cuff measurement. What is unique to the Arteriograph are the real-time transmission and visualisation of the detected pressure curves by the Arteriograph software. 

The novelty of the Arteriograph device in detecting the mentioned parameters is that a single upper arm cuff is used as a sensor, but in a very special condition; the cuff is pressurised suprasystolically, ensuring to obtain pure pressure signals (waves). Arteriograph is an office device, but portable and ideal tool for screening purposes.

The Arteriograph device measures the next parameters, within 2 minutes! absolutely user independently (only a push bottom), and provides the following parameters:

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